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I'm the William and Marilyn Ingersoll Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. (That means I just retired.) I'm married to Diane (34 years and counting!), we have a 32-year old son, four (unfortunately deceased) cats (in urns), two very live and rambunctious young cats, a house (no mortgage!) and I've got degrees in math, CS, and EE. I've been in the Midwest for the last 38 years or so, but grew up in New York. In my spare time I read, write, cook, putter around the house, walk (I used to run, but arthritis is a bitch), do a bit of woodworking, make beer and camp with my son, and try to digest all things Macintosh (and recently, iOS and Android). I'm also learning to build robots using Raspberry Pi and Arduino (pictures to come).


My research interests include the history of cryptology, the uses of cryptology in fiction (see the Crypto Fiction link above!), computer security, computer science education, and software development.


I worked in the computer industry for about 16 years and I was a full-time faculty member for 22 years total. Teaching and doing research was much more fun than working for a living and I'm hoping that writing for a living will be just as much fun. Hoping to have my next book - in crypto history - out in 2022.

John at Salisbury Cathedral.



History of Cryptology

I'm particularly interested in pre-World War II American crypto.

1978 - 1981

Rice University, Houston, TX

M.E.E. Electrical Engineering

Computer and Network Security

Particularly issues of privacy, secure coding, and wireless security.

Software Development in Small Teams 

I'm an agile and webdev kind of guy.

1974 - 1976

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

M.S. Computer Science

1970 - 1974

Lindenwood College, St. Charles MO

B.A. Mathematics

Computer Science Education

I'm interested in active learning classrooms.

At Salisbury cathedral, 2015

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